How can I do a UserUtteranceReverted easily without using custom action

Hi, I have many short answers in my chatbot that can be used in any story. I would like that when they are called, the bot does not take this interaction in his prediction for futur intent. Currently I am using custom actions in of this style :

class ActionIsBot(Action):
    def name(self):
            return "action_is_bot"
        def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
            dispatcher.utter_template("utter_is_bot", tracker)
            return [UserUtteranceReverted()]

I call this action in my domain.yml by

- ask_is_bot:
triggers: action_is_bot

For example, it would be great if in the trigger or the response, we could drag a /back

Thank you for your answers

hi bastien! I would recommend using a retrieval action for this Integrate response retrieval models in assistants built with Rasa