Is it possible to build a chatbot only using Mapping Policy?

I am creating a FAQ Chatbot, and so the order or story line does not matters. I tried to do it, but always i want to train the chatbot is asks me for stories. The thing is for the mapping policy anything mapped can be in the stories.

Has somebody else tried this approach?

HI @guillecarc,

To use the MappingPolicy, you still need to include the mapping stories in the training data, see the note in the docs. So at the moment there is no way around writing stories.

@guillecarc Try mapping your intent to an action and then having the action return a response and the return the UserUtteranceReverted() to make it not part of the dialogue. I think this does not require a story. @MetcalfeTom has a link to the docs.

I do not completely get it.

In the same docs you shared it says “This means you should not include the intent-action interaction in your stories.” and then it says the note you are referring to.

Hi again,

As @ordiep pointed out, you can omit the story if the action returns UserUtteranceReverted(), however we currently don’t support training without any stories at all, since we can’t guarantee that the user has made actions that return this event.


Thanks @ordiep and @MetcalfeTom for your support.

I just built a FAQ Chatbot by only using the Mapping Policy and 1 story sample :slight_smile:√