Docker - How did you setup Nginx & SSL?

I was wondering how everyone set up their SSL certs with docker?

First off - did you use Apache or Nginx?

Next, did you use OpenSSL or Letsencrypt?

After going through the Docker compose file, it seems Nginx is setup from the start, and also OpenSSL. Although, I can’t seem how to execute this within the container. Any suggestions?

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Hi there! Looks like some of the more explicit documentation about setting up nginx and OpenSSL didn’t make it into the new docs, we’ll try to update that. The installation guide from our old docs might be helpful here (there is ssl for nginx setup in the manual instructions, as well as a whole section on ssl certificates):

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Did you update this on new docs for Rasa?

I am interested in the nginx setup as well. I could not find it in the documentation so far but I would like modify the nginx.conf .

Hey did you find what changes to be made with respect to nginx?