SSL issue


I’m having rasa X server with SSL running. However, I also want 80 port to be closed/redirected to 443 which is not the case by default. So there are different solutions for that, one is to change docker-compose.yml file not to bind port 80 to 8080. Another might be to have a proxy pass in nginx config, which for me looks like overcomplicated way.

Does someone have some better solution, idea?

Also, I’ve used an instruction from rasa X tutorial to set SSL using certbot. At the end there is a sentence that I need to update it once in 90 days, but there is no instructions on how to do that. I assume I need to add -pre-hook and -post-hook to cron job with docker-compose down, docker-compose up and copy certificates.

Am I right and is there any tutorial for this? Thank you for your answers!

I’ve used nginx for this based on this post which handles both port 80 and renewal of certs.