Getting SSL for rasa x is not working

I am working on getting rasa x with SSL by following Customize Your Deployment, but it is not working. Searching for the solution, I could find this (How to debug HTTPS/SSL not working in Rasa X with docker-compose - #2 by justyn) in the forum but have no idea what exactly to do. Seems the comment is about changing docker-compose.yml file in etc/rasa, right? If so, it means I should:

    restart: always
    image: "nginx:1.19"
      - "80:8080"
      - "443:8443"
      - ./certs:/etc/certs
      - ./nginx-config-files/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
      - /etc/nginx/certs/{fullchain,privkey}.pem:/etc/certs/{fullchain,privkey}.pem
#      - ./nginx-config-files/ssl.conf.template:/etc/nginx/templates/ssl.conf.template
#      - ./nginx-config-files/rasax.nginx.template:/etc/nginx/templates/rasax.nginx.template
      <<: *nginx-host-variables
      - rasa-x
      - rasa-production
      - app

Is that right? The truth is that it’s not working…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @miner I’m not sure whether or not what you’ve pasted will work.

My comment was about changing the files in the nginx-config-files dir.

Adapting the lines in ssl.conf.template to:

ssl_certificate         /etc/certs/fullchain.pem;
ssl_certificate_key     /etc/certs/privkey.pem;

and also uncommenting the relevant line in rasax.nginx.template.

Hope this helps.

Ah, now I can understand what you mean. However, even with the solution, getting SSL for rasa x is not working… Anyway, thanks a lot for the clarification!