Docker disk space problem

hi ~ I use docker for rasa open source and action server, docker-composer for rasaX. Within less than a month, docker eats up more than 3G. However, we only did a few testing.

The largest file is var/lib/docker/overlay2. For comparison, overlay2 is 12G, our data file is only 75M, images files are about 5G.

Issues have been discussed in docker forum( Some way to clean up / identify contents of /var/lib/docker/overlay - General Discussions / General - Docker Forums) It seems that many have encountered the problem, but I haven’t found a credible or most-agreed solution. I did all the docker and docker-compose setting according to rasa official guide, please help me~

Maybe due to logs? Maybe due to docker version?

I would recommend assigning at least 4GB disk space here; it’s the simplest solution.

You mean 40GB? (We already assigned 12G,and 97% is used)

Thank you! I will try and see if it goes well.

Oh wow, no that sounds very high. The most promising commands from that link seem to be

docker system prune -a
docker volume rm $(docker volume ls -qf dangling=true)”

OK~ thank you so much