Rasa is slowly filling disk space

Within the last night, Rasa used 100% disk space of my server. It created many files in /tmp, around ~80GB.

I think it has something to do with the error, if the address is already in use:

Everytime Rasa tries to start, a small amount of disk space is used. It’s about ~200MB/minute.

@RGK How is Rasa Open Source started? Are you using the Docker image?

It’s started with this command: rasa run --endpoints endpoints.yml --enable-api --credentials credentials.yml --cors "*" -p 5050 I had the action server on the same port, but changed it now. I just wanted to report the bug, that it fills the disk with temporary files, if the port is occupied.

Thanks! Added it to this issue

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is there any solution to this, i am also facing alot of memory issue