Rasa occupies more space for temporary folder

We are using podman to deploy our containers. We have 400 GB of disk space. Recently we observed most of our space (around 273 GB) in this folder “/chatbot/podman/.local/share/containers/storage/volumes” is used by rasa for creating temporary folder.

Some of the folders inside the volume occupies large space (53 GB) 53G b071853765594e1c735c2f60aaa11e867c365961099b15db1a9786a5e3ad27fd

When we inspected the content of this folder(b071853765594e1c735c2f60aaa11e867c365961099b15db1a9786a5e3ad27fd), it creates lots of temporary folder of 35MB each. 35M tmp002ng3o3 35M tmp00crojpi 35M tmp00oqltuo 35M tmp010nojip 35M tmp0226g8y8

Why rasa is creating so many temporary folder? How to safely and securely cleanup these temporary folders without affecting the running containers.