Docker-compose up failed to run actions server locally

Hello everyone , i would like to find out why does my chatbot does not response anything from actions. Tested with POSTMAN with the REST webhook it give me a empty array response.

I had previously manage to deploy successful locally and to linux VM instance with this version GitHub - believeitcode/test_deployment: test_deployment on GCP , it also worked before on windows 10 with rasa with docker for both of my chatbot.

But for my new repo , the new version of my chatbot , i did some changing following changes to it . I feel something was not right with custom component making it unresponsive on docker for my new version.

  • Adding custom component for sentiment
  • With SQLite
  • Using custom json response

Here my new version of it GitHub - believeitcode/misty-rasa-deploy-VM: Deploy misty-rasax to Google VM instance

Hope someone who good with docker can help me out of this . Thanks

My docker-compose file and Docker file is included in the repository.

@BELIEVEIT Hi, could you please share the screenshot of error?

@BELIEVEIT in endpoints.yml

change this with this:

 url: "http://localhost:5055/webhook"

 url: "http://action_server:5055/webhook"

save and then run

docker-compose up --build

I hope this will solve your issue, and your action server will respond and if you working on Windows or Mac, you can even check whilst using docker desktop. Good Luck!

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Thanks nik202 . It missed about that endpoint should be the service name of the docker container :rofl:

After some trying out , my chatbot is able to response from actions but currently the problem now was with SQlite , my actions does not able to connect to SQLite Database , it return a empty response [] . hope some one can help me on this.