Problem with custom action server with docker, masterclass episode 9

I’ve followed the masterclass video for using rasa x with docker and google cloud platform. Everything was working fine until I attempted to use custom actions.

My custom actions don’t do anything when they’re triggered by the bot so I know I must just be missing something from the endpoints file or docker-compose and docker-compose.override files but I don’t have much experience with docker so I don’t know what I’m missing as I thought I had done everything the masterclass says to do.

From what I’ve gathered the endpoint for the action server shouldn’t be localhost but again I’m not sure what it should be. If anyone could help explain what I’m doing wrong or point me to the right place to look as I’ve not had any luck yet, that would be great.

Did you get to solve the problem. If yes, please share the solution.

Its the issue of custom dependencies. You have to build Action server image using Deploying a Rasa Open Source Assistant in Docker Compose

this link doesn’t work. I am facing the same problem.