Display options - >20 entries from DB

Hi All

I have an issue to display the entries extracted from database.
Kindly help me with different options to display >20 entries in RASA bot .

Dynamic buttons will be too much to display on screen. Please suggest various options.Thank you.

I agree that buttons would be too much. Think of it from a user perspective, what would you want to see? Is it required that the user sees all at once? Maybe it would be better to start with 5 and ask them if they want more options.

What’s the database returning?

Hi erohmensing

Thank you for the response.Some cases it is returning around 30 to 40 entries.

@erohmensing : Can you please also suggest sample bot / steps to achieve above mentioned functionality (5 options at a time and moving forward and backward) .Thank you.

You didn’t answer my question though — why would a user want that 30-40 options?

For the next 5 options, you could have 2 slots — one a list in which you keep track of all the options, and one in which you keep track of what you’ve already said. If the user asks for more, you would pull 5 new ones from the first list that aren’t in the second, utter them, and then add them to the second list.

Busy creating a bot for educational institute .Suppose if user chose a degree program I need to display list of programs corresponding to degree.They will be extracted from database as there is a high probability of changing list frequently.

@erohmensing:Do u have any example bot to refer?kindly advise.

Sorry, I don’t know of any example bots for a use case like that. It would probably be better to ask the user for the degree they are interested in, and confirm it with them (i.e. search for what they entered, return the top 3 results or something like that) instead of asking them to choose form a list of 40.

@erohmensing : Thank you will try in any one of the above options.

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