Examples of dynamic slot options in Rasa 2.0

I’m looking for updated bots using RASA 2.0 where a user is given a list of options to choose from (for instance, a list of available appointments or menu items). I’m building a bot that performs an API call, and presents a list of available options to the user to choose from.

The example bots that RASA provides with the updated 2.0 framework don’t do that. for instance, The retail demo bot asks users to first give a size and color, and then searches a database for that availability.

I’d like to know the updated way of something where the user asks “What colors are available?” and the bot lists everything currently in stock, and the slot or form filling continues based on what the user chooses from those options.

Any examples (or instructions) would be great. I can’t figure it out,

Thank you!

@travelmail26 I think that action_default_ask_affirmation in the Sara demo bot could help – it presents the user with a dynamically generated list of buttons (in this case representing the various intents the user could’ve meant).