Different lines in same answer and delay responding

Good afternoon community

I have two doubts that I would like to solve

First, i want my Bot to respond in different lines for example:

  • Hello
  • How are you doing?

and not, Hello. How are doing?

It´s more natural, but when in try does not work. Only the first answer appears

my domain.yml:


  • text: “Hello”
  • text: “How are you doing?”

This must be easy to solve, the second doubt it´s more complicated. want the bot to delay responding, or the “typing” appears.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hello @Nicanor in your domain file, try this:


  • text: “Hello >How are you doing?”

Didn´t work.

Hello >How are you doing in one line



I could not put in the different lines you should put the text into different lines in your domain file. It should work. Mine is working in that way.

Can you paste an example please?

Any help?