Can I make a line break in

Hello how are you?

I want to know if in the responses of I can make a line break and format the sample text in bold

I tried \ n, \ n \ n ‘\ n’ and nothing worked

I’d appreciate your help

Hello @fmelossi

I had the same problem with the line breaks when I started writing my responses. Now I am using quotes for the response, e.g. "my reposnse" and I put \n\n to break the line, e.g. "my response \n\n text in new line. This solved my problem.

So, it would be like:

- text: "This is my response. \n\nThis is a new line."

About the bold text I would also like to know how to format it like that.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work in file How could I do?

Hey @fmelossi

Why do you need file? The bot responses should be defined in domain.yml file.

I think this link that explains Domains will help you. I may be understanding you wrong what is it that you are asking, so if you could explain it in more details and provide some examples.

the bot i am building initially i am doing it with frequently asked questions. I am guiding myself through this tutorial where it indicates the creation of Tutorial: Building Assistants, it is good for me because as it is a system of procedures for each procedure I would have a file and not everything entered in the domain

did you get fix ?

Yes, I took everything to the domain, all special characters work correctly there. They don’t work on .md files

Same here , i think they this fix but not releasing yet.

@fmelossi can you post an exmple, how you took the content in to domain.yaml. It would be really helpful.

The bot responses should be defined in domain.yml file.