Multi line and bullets

Can anyone help how to get bot responses in multiple lines (Enter would not work) and also bullets in the Bot responses. I tried with >, * , enter key and also
. Nothing seem to work

hey @KarthikSunil you can add line break(\n) in your message to send the multilines response from the bot or if you want to customize the message send it using custom actions i.e

it depends on which ui want to display like skype can render html tags for bullets or numbers

@JiteshGaikwad " \n " does not work in domain.yml. Please provide an alternative.

@talhashaikh5, if you read the message properly, I had written you can send it from custom not from domain.yml :slight_smile:

@JiteshGaikwad is also displaying same result to me

what channel are you using?

@JiteshGaikwad just want to display line brake in rasa x

@JiteshGaikwad solved the next line issue by just using \n\n. \n two times




So inside domain.yml I should use two slashes to be able to write multiline inside the yaml file ex:

  - text: blah...blah............   \
   \ blah ...blah 

Does the same works inside ?

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I dont think it is working know. Can u pls help me out

\n is working new virsion

Any idea about using ā€œ\nā€ in facebook and telegram. does this work on both the channels

Using \ \n (\double space\n) worked for me.


utter_message: "Hi! \ \n This is Sid"

Gives the output [in the same message] : -


This is Sid


Working! thanks

Using | at the beginning works for me. Probably you guys can try this alternative. On the left is my domain.yml. Right is the output.


@AhChing11 Thanks, this works.

this is not working in rasa webchat