Rasa - Deploy executable on Windows server

I want to deploy Rasa server on Windows machine - I don’t want to share my actual code but executable. Can I do this? What are the steps to deploy executable on Windows server?

So Actions should be running on one Port and NLU on another port. All this should be started with one single file.

Hi @mpbalshetwar,

by “deploy” you mean actually running it in production, don’t you? I would suggest that you using Docker and then follow this guide here Deploy to a Server . You can also download the docker-compose file in the guide and have a look at it to see how the structure is done, if it helps

thank you for your reply.

Yes “Deploy” means running in production where i am not sharing my code in plain text.

Ok, then I think this guide should help you Deploy to a Server

by the way I am using open source version of Rasa and not RasaX.

@mpbalshetwar You can still have a look at the docker-compose file https://storage.googleapis.com/rasa-x-releases/stable/docker-compose.ce.yml for inspiration :slight_smile: