Deploy to remote server using Rasa 2.8.15

Hi there,

I am using Rasa open source version 2.8.15. I cant install Rasa X and rasactl properly. What version of Rasa X should I install to be able to run my Rasa assistant from a remote server like Azure?

(note I am trying to avoid to change my assistant to Rasa 3.x. )

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Look at the Compatibility Matrix, update Rasa to 2.8.25, Rasa SDK to 2.8.4, and install Rasa X 1.0.1

@ChrisRahme that is what I tried to do, thanks. But how can I install Rasa 1.0.1? Does that involve REI and kubernetes and docker?

You can still install Rasa X with the old method prior to version 1.1:

@ChrisRahme I got rasa x 1.0.1 running but now got this error that doesnt allow to open, can you please check this: Unable to install rasa-x locally

Also, @ChrisRahme your help would be great here: I have a Rasa assistant working on local machine; I also created a virtual machine on Azure, and now I want to get a remote URL that allows users to chat with assistant from other devices. I dont understand what I need to do? Please note I am using Rasa 2.8.25 and Rasa X 1.0.1