Deploy rasa to own server ubuntu have error

  1. I had deploy rasa_X to my server linux (ubuntu 20.04 LTS) but I have error. Server is real.
  2. I use docker_compose Docker Compose Installation install rasa_x.
  3. i cannot training. I try check docker-compose logs rasa_x and rasa_worker
  4. docker-compose status: rasa_worker and rasa_production keep restarting. but also I try docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d

@016886611529a what is your rasa x version image for docker-compose? Are you able to open the Rasa X in browser? Thanks.

— My rasa x in docker-compose

— yes. i can open rasa X in browser.

i deploy rasa_x in my server ubuntu(linux 20.04) server physical with ip internal** and external i have a question. Can i deploy rasa_x to physic server ubuntu?? @nik202 thanks very much .

@016886611529a update the rasa image to 2.8.11 or 15 and don’t touch the rasa x. Do update me!


i had update rasa image to 2.8.11 but status keep restarting

@016886611529a I will highly recommend clearing the rasa x completely and then installing it again with the mentioned rasa image. Hope this time it will work.

yes @nik202 . i change server and install new OS and install rasa x but status keep restart.

share screenshots and docker-file, please.