Deploy local Slack bot

I hope someone can give me some advise. I created a bot that someone can chat with via Slack.

However, at this moment the bot will only talk back when I run the bot on my laptop. So when I’m not there, the bot will not answer.

Is there a way so I can have my bot online 24/7? I read something about Docker and Heroku, but I can’t figure out how this would work.

I’ve figured it out already. But I don’t have permission to delete the topic

Hey @rbossie, it’d actually be great if you could post how you solved it so that someone searching with the same problem can find the solution! Of course, if you’d prefer that the topic be deleted, I can do that for you.

I’ve uploaded my code following the Heroku git instruction. The Procfile contains the line: web python -m -d models/dialogue -u models/current/nlu --endpoints endpoints.yml --credentials credentials.yml -p $PORT

Where endpoints.yml contains a reference to another Heroku app, where I deployed the action server. And I used mongo cloud atlas to store my conversations using the link provided there.

Thanks for posting the answer but I want to integrate on my website then what procedure should I follow can you tell me as I have to complete this chat integration so that I will be placed for the company which given me the task.


I am having the same problem. Would you mind explaining in more details about what steps have you taken? Thank you so so much for the contribution!