How to deploy rasa chatbot to a website and make it online 24/7. I have been doing it only through anaconda command prompt. I have tried deploying to heroku but due to procfile error I'm not able to do so. Please help me out in this

This is my requirements file

In order to help you I’ll need to know a little more information about the steps that you’ve taken. You’ve shared a requirements file but I don’t know the python version nor the exact error you’ve seen. Can you share some more information so that I might be able to mentally reproduce the steps you’ve taken?

Thank you so much for your response and sorry for not putting things in detail. The Python version is 3.7.6. I have created a virtual environment, to create a bot. I have trained a bot and it is running absolutely fine in the localhost. I want to deploy my bot on a website and I have used the following code. To deploy on a website online which is on the GIT server, I thought to deploy it in the Heroku platform. The deployment was successful but I’m getting an application error.

hello harika did you successfully deployed to heroku with UI if you please provide steps that you followed