How to delete history of conversation by day/week/months

Dear All,

Do we have an API function call that can delete history of all conversation by day/weeks/months ? If not, do we have alternate way to do it?

Please advise

Hi @nhha1602. You can write a python script that has you input a start and end date and calls the Rasa X API to grab all conversations between those dates. This will return a list of conversations for that time frame. Each conversation will include a conversation_id. Then, you can iterate through the list and for each conversation_id in that list, you can delete that conversation.

Why do you want to delete conversations?


Thank you for your helps. For many reasons:

  • History of conversation will be increase so we need to maintenance it (I used Kubernet clusters, so it write history to PostgreSQL). RASA auto clean history ?
  • When open RASA X GUI, it default load history of conversation with ALL TIME, so it so heavy. Can we set/change this ? for example, just load Today/Yesterday …

Thank you.