Datepicker template gives error on Rasa 1.0.2

Using the custom datepicker component like this :

  - custom:
      - type: section
          text: 'Can you tell me the start date and end date?'
          type: mrkdwn
          type: datepicker
          initial_date: '2019-05-21'
            type: plain_text
            text: Select a date

I get this error :

Have not made any change in the code from the doc. how do i make this work? Thanks in advance!

Hi @agrawal-mohit, first a stupid question – are you using the slack connector?

Hi @erohmensing Nope, i ve tried this on rasa x and through the http api. both ways it behaves the same.

Okay, I’ve actually fixed the error that you got there, the fix should be published in the latest release, rasa 1.1.0.

However, the slack datepicker custom is a json format that is specific to the Slack channel, so it will not work on other channels.

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