Custom Channel with Rasa X

You can set which version of Rasa to use in the configuration files, but the custom channel isn’t in the main repository. I’m wondering if there is a way to reference a rasa branch or fork, or reference the channel some other way than the class path.

You specify the location of a custom channel in the credentials.yml, for example:

  session_token: ${MY_TOKEN}

This is referencing a file called connectors/ from the project root. If you’re using a docker-compose setup, you then need to make sure the rasa-production services can access this file on the host filesystem (or build it into your own custom image).

To map into the local filesystem, create a docker-compose.override.yml with something like this:

version: '3.4'
      - ./connectors:/app/connectors
      - ./connectors:/app/connectors

Then re-start.