How do I connect Custom connector when deploying rasa x with kubernetes

I have been able to successfully deploy rasa x with kubernetes. I still have one issue to fix I created a custom input channel and I specified it in my credentials.yml file as custom.RestInput so It works locally. But when deploying, how do I add that in the values.yml under the additionalChannelCredential Thanks

Hi @wisdom_kwarteng, have you seen this section of the docs where it talks about configuring rasa open source channels? Kubernetes / OpenShift

Yes @erohmensing My issue was adding my own custom input channel but I found a way yesterday to fix it Thanks

What I did was I extended the rasa image and added my custom input channel and so in the values.yml for the kubenertes I added like this additionalChannelCredentials: custom.RestInput::

Hello wisdom! Can you post our values.yml?

# rasax specific settings 
    # initialUser is the user which is created upon the initial start of Rasa X 
        # username: "admin"
        # password for the Rasa X user
        password: "password"
    # passwordSalt Rasa X uses to salt the user passwords
    passwordSalt: "passwordSalt"
    # token Rasa X accepts as authentication token from other Rasa services
    token: "token=="
    # jwtSecret which is used to sign the jwtTokens of the users
    jwtSecret: "sec=="
    tag: "0.28.3"
# rasa: Settings common for all Rasa containers
    # token Rasa accepts as authentication token from other Rasa services
    name: "extended rasa image name"
    token: "token=="
    tag: "latest"
      # additionalChannelCredentials which should be used by Rasa to connect to various
      # input channels
# RabbitMQ specific settings
    # rabbitmq settings of the subchart
        # password which is used for the authentication
        password: "password=="
# global settings of the used subcharts
    # postgresql: global settings of the postgresql subchart
        # postgresqlPassword is the password which is used when the postgresqlUsername equals "postgres"
        postgresqlPassword: "password"
    # redis: global settings of the postgresql subchart
        # password to use in case there no external secret was provided
        password: "password=="
    tag: "latest"
    name: "action server image name"
     - name: TEST_SHOP_ID
     - name:  DATABASE_NAME
       value: db_name


# ingress settings
  # enabled should be `true` if you want to use this ingress
  enabled: true
  # annotations for the ingress
  annotations: "true"
    # nginx
    # "true"
  # hosts for this ingress
    - host:
      - /
  # tls: Secrets for the certificates
    - secretName: bot-tls
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this is the magic

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Thank you!

@wisdom_kwarteng do you mind sharing your Dockerfile (the part where you added the custom input channel)? I cannot seem to get it to work.

Hi @wisdom_kwarteng can you please specify what’s your extended rasa image? Is it a customized rasa image? If so then can you please attach your Dockerfile for it?

FROM rasa/rasa:3.2.5-full

COPY /app/

Worked for me