Custom Actions: Triggering custom action after every utterance?

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding the usage of custom actions in Rasa. The idea is, that we are wanting to make all the responses Rasa sends back hyphenated (we require this for the fronted, we are working with German language and therefore, very long words). For that, we wrote a custom action which performs the hyphenation of words.

The Problem is as follows: The action have to be triggered all the time. That means, with each response (i.e., each response we are getting back have to be hyphenated).

Is there is a possibility to do it avoiding the necessity of putting the custom action in the stories after every utterance (see example below)? Also, by doing that, we are getting two responses: the first – the normal one, and the second – the hyphenated one.

Many thanks in advance for any feedback!


Hi @almois!

How about implementing this at connector in the output channel?