Setting up rasa action server with helm and kubectl

Hello community,

I am totally lost figuring out how to add the custom actions to Rasa X. I have been following the tutorials and currently I have:

  • VM Ubutnu 20.04 on Google Cloud
  • Rasa X Version 1.1 installed with rasactl
  • Rasa Production 3.1.0 also installed with rasactl at the same time.
  • Github is connected to Rasa X and fetches all data.
  • Docker Image for the actions created with Github Actions
  • Installed Kubernetes and Helm and followed the tutorial
  • A kube service running with an endpoint (i guess) ?
  • A values.yml file with the docker image and tag

Do I also have to create the rasa-values.yml file ? I just don’t know what to do.

I don’t know if I have done all needed steps and I am unsure how to test it, because I can not train my model yet, because the declared custom actions in the domain file are missing.

Thanks in advance.