Example bot

It will be a great help if we are provided with an example bot with all the python code for building models of dialogue and nlu, run it interactive and run it on cmdline for every new release of Rasa Stack or even Rasa nlu & Rasa core respectively. Each time the arguments that are need to be passed to build the agents, method and class names are being changed and it will be difficult to keep track on them.

What is stopping you from starting a journey full of learning and exploration? :slight_smile:
What I want to say is that you can start the initiative and maybe at some point, they’ll add your example bot to their repo.
Right now, they have a couple of examples that highlights individual use-cases but… yes, mostly cmdline stuff and less python code in running these things. I have a bot running most of the stuff through python… let me see if I can open parts of it to the public…

Check the resources, you have some examples from other users as well