Control flow of stories

Rasa Core is great for stateless conversation or short multi-turn conversation like FAQ, ordering movie tickets, and question and answer. I am building a both to handle a series of questions from the bot to the user and depending on the users responses either continue or go to the next question for example question1: bot: What is your favorite color human: blue bot: cool just like the ocean -->go to question 2

question1: bot: what is your favorite color human: i don’t know bot: what do you like the most in the world human: play outside bot: so maybe it is green like the grass or yellow like the sun or blue like the sky? human: blue bot: cool just like the ocean -->go to question 2

Imagine I have 30 of these questions, I feel the way the current system is set up, it will jump round between questions based on intent and the statevector generated from the current story.

How would I deal with this? Just use Rasa NLU and write my own scripts to handle flow? I like rasa core’s ability and would really like to use it in my case

In your case I would consider using FormAction, it can be found on Forms basics section on Slot Filling


How do you control flow between forms, I wouldn’t want it to go jump around to the wrong form because it detected an intent and thought it was in another story

Hi @bamba518 , have found solution on how to control the flow when other intent is detected in the form?