Chatbot not following Discussion flow

Hello everyone !

(Sorry for my English)

I just started learning how to create chatbot using Rasa but I am facing some issues.

I want my bot to solve some problems of the users of my website (this is an example to learn how Rasa works)

For example, if the user says to the chatbot that he can’t find a specific product on the website. The chatbot will firstly suggest some idea to solve the problem, if the user respond to that by saying it didn’t solve the problem, the chatbot will suggest to the user to send a message to the support with some information gathered using a form.

I designed this flow using stories with a story per path (happy or bad). When I launch the chatbot, the first time the user trigger the flow, it is respected but if the user trigger a second time the flow, there are some issues, it can happen that the bot don’t suggest to contact the support.

I think the issue come from the fact I am using Stories and not Rules but, in the documentation, it’s said to use stories for contextual conversation.

Does someone have an idea, or know exactly what to do when we want the chatbot to follow a specific path (without using slots because I think it’s not relevant in that case).

Response to this will be really helpful, as its recommended to use rules but rules can’t help in designing a flow and if used stories that doesn’t follow the flow strictly, so what to use?

I’m new to Rasa also but maybe if the flow is moving away from the story, we could use fallbacks or out of scopes to push back towards relevant story?

Thank You for your response, But One doubt if that intent is already present in your nlu how it can go in fallbacks or out of scope, it will obviously follow that triggered intent story. And if its possible to let, out of scope handle the story diversion even if that intent is already present in nlu, then please let me know the practical implementation to do that, it will really be a great help.