How much Story writing is important?

Hello,I am beginner to the Rasa environment.I want to create a college enquiry chatbot. there are few questions in my mind.It would be very helpful,if someone can answer these.

  1. how to handle conversation which is not happening according to the stories we created?

2)what is the best way to create a college chatbot in which there is no fix conversation flow? that is, anyone can ask random questions in any order,and let say we have 50 to 100 questions for training, then how will it be possible to create stories for that? I have learn about RULES in rasa,so should I have to write most of the fix intent and response in Rules?

3)I just created 4 simple stories,and when I am asking question to the bot,for all questions,the intent finding is correct but the response generated is not according to the story for few questions.What could be the reason for that?

Hey @Chandrakant, welcome to the forum!

When there’s no fixed flow and users tend to ask questions in any order, independent of dialogue history, we refer to this as FAQ and recommend using rules (as you have already guessed) and ResponseSelectors to handle such conversations. For simple conversations without much history dependence, this is better than using stories and ML policies (such as TED) for next action prediction.

As for the bot occasionally handling a simple conversation in a way different from your rules or stories, I think this can again be improved by using rules or by swapping from an ML policy to a memoization policy. However, feel free to share a concrete example if there’s something you just can’t wrap your head around :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your feedback. For now, I will try to use Rules, and if some doubt arise, will share the problem.