Looping in Rasa

Hello. I’m currently trying to experiment building an assistant bot with Rasa. The bot will have 3 main actions (for now):

  • Answer about an employee’s seat (which floor, area, seat number,…)
  • Answer about an employee’s department
  • Answer about the projects in which an employee is participate in

It’s easy to make a conversation flow when the user greets, ask 1 question, and then say goodbye. But what if he/she want to ask multiple questions, in example:

  • Asking about multiple employees
  • Asking about an employee’s seat, department and projects

How do i create some kind of loop in the stories in which the user can ask all the questions that they want, in any particular order, then when they say something like ‘i am done’ or ‘that is good enough’ (like an intent:done), the conversation flow can move forward ?

You can create individual stories for each interaction and train a model on that, that should allow for that kind of behaviour

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So do i have to create invidual stories for all the scenerios ? Like a story for when the users ask 1 question, then a stories for 2 questions, 3 questions,… Then a stories when they ask question A then B and vice-versa, etc,… Or i can design about 4, 5 example stories and it will learn itself that it might have to answer any amount of question in any particular order ? Thank you for your help, i appreciate it a lot.

no, just individual stories for each interaction. That way you can jump from story to story

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