Contributor Shoutout! [May 1 - 15]

Hey there Rasa @community,

Today we’re introducing the bi-weekly Contributor Shoutout!

We’d like to do even more to acknowledge the incredible contributions made to Rasa, delve deeper into how they are supporting us, and share them with you, our community! :purple_heart:

We’re very grateful to see contributions take many forms, from code improvements to sharing tutorials and helping fellow community members - dive into the first May edition below and learn more about them. :slight_smile: :point_down:


Code Components & Connectors

:star: @alfredfrancis implemented a get_output_channel() function for the class SocketIOInput in rasa/core/channels/socketio!

:star: @cheemingli’s contribution means the source filename of a story is included in failed stories, this will make it much easier to identify the file which contains the failed story!

:star: metadata is now correctly passed to the ActionSessionStart thanks to @lluchini!

:rasahero: Rasa Hero @therold added the full_retrieval_intent property to ResponseSelector rankings!

:star: Younesegh helped us fix a bug related to the CERT_URI in the Hangouts channel!

Meetups, Workshops & Talks

:star: @vishnupriyavr kickstarted the very first Rasa community chapter local to Chennai! The first virtual meetup took place at the beginning of May, Vishnu gave a fantastic introduction to the world of Virtual Assistants, and we were very grateful to have the chance to talk about our community initiatives and give an official welcome to the community on behalf of our whole Rasa team. You can watch the recording here, and if you would like to stay informed about future meetups be sure to join the Chennai meetup group.

:star: @retrogeek46 spoke about his project, and shared his experience integrating a Rasa bot into Unity, we’re hyped about the project and his ideas for future developments! Watch the recording of the meetup here or check out Medium tutorial series on integrating a Rasa chatbot into Unity.

:star: @vishu1994 supported one of our Rasa Superheroes Yogesh Kothiya, conduct an online workshop on Vishal Pandey demos virtual assistant flow built till now followed by detailed hands-on where he walks us through Rasa X, all the setup and configuration required to make Rasa project from the scratch and closing with questions and answers from the participants. Watch the Co-Learning Lounge playlist on YouTube.

Tutorials, Blogs & Community Support

:star: @arishapiro added Rasa support to the AI Expert app which automatically connects to your Rasa agent and turns your text conversation into a voice-driven interaction with a digital character. You can also put the character into it and have a conversation in A/R. Alongside his project he contributed a tutorial to go with it, so that other Rasa community members could try it for themselves too.

:star: @saurabh-m523 has been an awesome support on our forum, offering help on a range of technical issues and solving many of them, just look at that solved record!

:rasasuperhero: @kothiyayogesh put together a very indepth 2 part Rasa and Diagflow comparison, working with an advocate of Diagflow to dig into important aspects important to both developers and business owners.

:star: @ActuallyAcey joined our community forum a few months ago, and he’s already contributing to our community by helping so many fellow community members find answers to their questions. He even shared a guide to quick install Rasa X using a script for a Windows machine!

A huge thank you to all of our open source contributors, Rasa would not be what it is today without your incredible support! :rocket: :star_struck:


If you’re interested in becoming an open source Rasa contributor yourself, here are some links you may find useful! :relaxed:

:rocket: Not sure how to contribute? Find more details on our website.

:rasasuperhero: Interested in the perks of contributing? Take a look at our Contributor Program.

:bulb: Need some inspiration on what to contribute? Check out or Github Project board.

:computer: New to code contributions and Pull Requests? Refer to our Code Contribution Guidelines.

:wave: Still not sure where to start? We’re happy to support you along the way, contact us here on the forum or shoot us an email: