Rasa STT + TTS


I am trying to follow the tutorial provided in the link below

but it would seem that the socketIO code is missing, I’d appreciate if someone could provide me with the same.

Thank you in advance.

The socketio channel is built into Rasa and the blog shows how to configure it. You can read about the channel here and the source code is here.

Hi @stephens it seems that the linked socketio does not have the desired functionality explained in the rasa blog.

The socketio code necessary to setup the voice interface is not the one from the repo but it is from a github gist, shown in the original medium article.

The problem seems to be that, the same article is put in the rasa blog but without the embedded gist snippets.

I hope this helps others that came across this problem.

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Hey hi, I have created a bot, now i need to update with voice recognization and response. I have tried but i dont have any idea about the structure. Need help…