Continuous socket IO connect and disconnect in console

we are on RASA 2.0.All clients are connected using socket IO in credentials.yml. From last two days in console i could see clients are getting connected and disconnected continuously please see attached screen capture

can somebody help what is happening here or should i collect some log to debug

@lelemh Hi ,

I am also facing the similar issue, wondering if you got any solution for the mentioned issue ?

Hi, Just try and use below link in SRC code

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@lelemh Perfect. did work for you ?

Woho. Worked. Thanks buddy. Cheers

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@lelemh any idea how to attach URL/Link into the rasa chatbot.

Do you mean URL/Link as a response from chatbot to your query?

@lelemh Yes, So for instance I want to redirect my customers to the provided link. how can we do it ?

You have provide this under “response” in domain,yml

for e.g. if user intent is “YY” then you have to mention below in your domain.yml


  • text: “refer link - click on folder icon below \n\n 📂