Issue with Rasa Core and rasa-webchat

Hi community,

I’ve integrated my Rasa Open Source project with the rasa-webchat in my own website and it works fine for months.

Now I’m facing an issue, the socket of the Core disconnects in the middle of a conversation and it reconnects with a new id_sender a few seconds later but the bot have lost all the context of the conversation. This problem not affect all the conversations, it happens occasionally.

I’m using Rasa 1.10.20 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Thanks in advanced!

HI @tomimartin01. How did you deploy your assistant? Can you share the specs of your server?

Hi @Juste. I deployed my assistant with websocket. Here is the code in my credentials.yml (164 Bytes)

This is the way I run the server, I’m running all locally. :

rasa runvv --port 5004 --cors "*" --enable-api --credentials credentials.yml

This is how I run the custom action server

rasa run actions --port 5056

This is the logs.txt (37.4 KB) . Please go to line 344. As you can see, all works fine, until line 344. In the middle of the conversation the websocket disconnects and then reconnects with another id. In the browser, you can notice that the page refreshes it.

Hey @tomimartin01. I can see that your custom action is not working properly. I am not sure if this is what’s breaking the Rasa server, but I’d try fixing that issue first.

Thanks @Juste! I believe that the Rasa server crashes the action server, that’s why I looked for help. But as you recommended, first I am fixing that bug. Let me know if someone solves the Rasa server issue.

Also I’m trying to develop a custom connector for do some animation in the frontend while the assistant is processing but I don’t have so much information. I’d like to see same examples.

Thanks again for your help! @Juste