Unable to connect rasa with socket io

from aiohttp import web import socketio

sio = socketio.AsyncServer() app = web.Application() sio.attach(app)

async def index(request): with open(‘index.html’) as f: return web.Response(text=f.read(), content_type=‘text/html’)

@sio.on(‘message’) def print_message(sid, message): print(“Socket ID:” , sid) print(message)

app.router.add_get(’/’, index)

if name == ‘main’: web.run_app(app)

Hi @Naran_VS, would you mind specifying what the issue is? Also note that you can post code snippets by enclosing them with three backticks (```)

Actually i had try to connect using Socket.Io developed socket.io webserver using node,js, i need to connect starter-pack with that socket.io webserver . I don’t understand ‘Connecting to Messaging and Voice Channels’ but i want to do the same’

index,js is connection part of socket-io actions.py (1.2 KB) domain.yml (564 Bytes)index.js (719 Bytes)

Hi @Naran_VS, have you resolved this issue?

You need to provide a credentials.yml file to rasa_core to connect to your socket.io server