Hi all,

I would like to connect my Rasa chatbot to my website using Socket.IO. I want to keep my own UI, that isn’t rasa-webchat.

I wrote credentials in credentials.yml, as explained here :

For the moment my website code is the one provided by quick start : Get started | Socket.IO How can I make both side communicate ? I would like that Rasa listens to my messages in localhost:5010

Then you also have to start Rasa on port 5010. What errors are currently getting?

I run Rasa on port 5010, using “rasa run -p 5010”. But now I can’t access to localhost:5010, getting : Error: Requested URL / not found. The socket server stills listening on port 5010. When I stop Rasa, the website works again

Hello, I’m currently having the same issue, were you able to solve this, and how?

Hi Julien, Juansolana,

Were you able to get this working?

@Julien how did you solve this.