Connected to Slack, but not responding to messages

I was able to build a chatbot and connect it to a slack channel. Following the tutorial, I’ve added URL: https://xxxxxx/webhooks/slack/webhook to the Event subscription, which has been verified through both ngrok and rasa server, as shown below:

POST /webhooks/slack/webhook 200 OK

But when I send a message to a slack channel, I get this.

In my credentials.yml file, I have something like this.

The channel that has chatbot app installed is called “testing”.

Any ideas to fix this issue?

Hi @dhzkfldh, the slack channel corresponds to the channel ID, which would be C01U7D7J6Q5 in this case. Could you try updating the slack_channel parameter and see if it works?

If I change it to C01U7D7J6Q5, it’s giving me 500 internal server error on ngrok.

When it was testing it was showing 200 ok.