Connect to slack without using ngrok or inlets


I am not allowed to visit ngrok or inlet official site through as per my Organization policy. But I need to integrate RASA in slack. Please suggest an alternative to ngrok or inlet, a much more trusted and secure way of integrating rasa.

Hi @sowmya, you would need some way to host rasa on a server, so that your running server can have a url/ip of its own that is not localhost. You could run it on a VM, for example. If you used a VM, you could make it only accessible via https, which would be quite secure.

Thanks for the suggestion @erohmensing. I don’t know or not finding article on setup you have mentioned. Should I be running ngrok on a separate VM (where the rasa host is running) or a different approach? Please let me know

Could this be done with Microsoft IIS?

@Er_Strange I have no experience with it, so really, no idea. it says its a web server for hosting anything, so i would think so.