Connect Rasa server from a backend server

Hi, Anyone tried this using Rasa bot. Pls respond to this post. Would like to check on few details with you.

I have a project that has below architecture.

Client <—> Backend server-1 in port 5000 <–> Rasa Server-2 in Port 5005.

There is a front end that interacts using api and socketio with a flask application in the backend for login, registration etc. Now that application needs to be connected with Rasa to get response to User Input.

I am thinking of either an API call between two ports or a socketio connection.

The link seems missing. You refer to “this” bot, but there does not seem to be a url attached. Could you resend?

Basically user registration, login logic is in server -1 that runs in 5000 port. We removed conversation part from server-1 and moved to server-2 which is Rasa Bot. Can we do server to server socket connection? Am I clear ? Or missing something ?

It’s still a little bit unclear what you’re trying to do, but just to check; you’re familiar with this part of the documentation: Your Own Website.

You should be able to have plain python route discussion to rasa, but it will be more involved perhaps.