Running a Rasa server within a web framework

Hello, awhile back I posted a topic about working with Flask and Rasa and I was trying to integrate a Rasa chatbot within a flask environment. Essentially I was trying to integrate the Rasa server within the flask server but just was not able to succeed in this. I didn’t want to have to run my flask server and my rasa server at the same time. I wanted to integrate both of these servers together. I could obviously get the rasa chatbot onto my flask server and subsequently my website but I don’t want to run "rasa run --enable-api --cors “*” onto one command terminal and then “flask run” into another command terminal. To preface I was using the Rasa-Webchat widget so I was using Web Sockets here. I’ve read that using Web Sockets is a better method to deploy chat applications onto a GUI due to it’s stateful protocol so I’ve thought about sticking with using Web Sockets at the moment instead of using a Rest API or other API methods.

I’ve read about flask-SocketIO before and I’ve worked a little bit with it but i’m unsure how to configure Flask-SocketIO with the Rasa-Webchat. I’ve already tried and failed. I was thinking maybe there was a method to try connecting between the Flask web socket and the Rasa Web socket and I still believe this is possible but just couldn’t succeed.

In all honesty at this point i’m just a little confused and have a few questions. Firstly, what are the advantages and disadvantages of integrating the rasa chatbot into a flask environment rather than having a flask and rasa server separate to each other. Secondly, for any one who may have good experience with web sockets, is it possible to integrate a flask server with a rasa server using web sockets so both servers are running on the same port/channel. Thirdly, are web sockets truly a much better option than using for instance a rest API to deploy chat applications or is their a minimal benefit in using the web socket method. This may be a lot to pack at once but i’m trying to become more comfortable with chat applications and chat bots.

Also based on these simple questions you can obviously tell i’m not the most experienced programmer out there but i’d take any assistance and feedback people are able to provide.