Configuring Postgresql

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Can’t able to configure postgresql database in RASA open source. How to configure a database. please someone elaborate with steps. Thank you.

hi :smiley: You can try this in your endpoint.yml?

   type: SQL
   dialect: "postgresql"
   url: "host to database server"
   db: "name of database"
   username: "user to login"
   password: "123"
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I have tried the commands in endpoint. The server has been up but it showing the following error. Please look into it. Thank you

Did you remove this parte?

  driver: my-driver
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I have removed the driver part but still can’t able to start the server. What I am missing? I have attached the screenshot, pls look into it. Thank You.

“Erro while attempting to bind address (‘’,5005) …”

If the port in your rasa is already active(in use) in another program, you should use another port or kill the active process to make the port free.

To be honest, i think its running normally. This error is referencing the last try to up server :smiley: Check your database. Rasa create table named “events” if not…

you can kill the program running in 5005 port with the command

linux/mac: kill -9 $(lsof -t -i:5005)

i dont know how to do that in windows but i think you can fallow this steps: spring boot - Windows Kill Process By PORT Number - Stack Overflow

Try again to up rasa after the stop service running 5005 port

an alternative is try to run Rasa in a diferente port like

rasa run -m models --enable-api -p 5006 --endpoints endpoints.yml

Rasa default port is 5005 but with parameter -p 5006, its start on 5006 port

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@Vedha27 try this thread solution hope it will work: Rasa deployment to Google chat - #13 by nik202

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Hey Thanks man your method has worked and the server has been up. But I can’t able to store any specific information like I have mentioned it in the screenshot. What should be done to store specific input of the user?

Yeah man, It works but I can’t able to store specific input of any user messages. How can I save specific user Input.

Nice! :smiley:

In this case, i think you need to create a custom action to make database insert

look this topic, maybe can help you :blush:

Thanks man. I am looking into it. Will update you when I get any results and also Please help me if I get any error :slight_smile: