Configure SSL on rasa x with let's encrypt

Hello again ^^’.

I am stuck on an issue that I don’t know how to resolve. I am trying to configure SSL on my rasax web server. I am following this tutorial:

I succed in creating a DNS and mapping it to my vm ip address so I can connect to my rasa x just like this:

As the above tutorial suggested.

But instead of getting this


I get this:

Any idea of how to solve it ?

it’s a ports problem

uses docker-compose down and use tutorials

excuse my english, use translator :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks.

I just forgot to mention that, I am actually using only a part of the tutorial as I am using Helm chart installation with values.yml file instead of docker-compose installation. I use Helm chart installation because I want my deployed solution to be scalable.

So I am afraid that docker-compose down, won’t work for me.