How to install SSL certificate for RASA X?

Hi there

I need to install a SSL certificate for my rasa bot which has a domain like that: I use docker to install it and it works right away but only with Http.

I try to use this article as a guide to setup the SSL.

First, I need to disable UFW as otherwise the lets encrypt part cant access my vps.

But after all steps are done and after several reboots and docker compose ups, the browser now displays “Failed to open page”

However, docker seems to work fine and the ping to my domain also works.

Do you have any guidance on how to setup the SSL certificate as of mid 2020?

Hi @razaito, welcome to the forum!

Did you successfully install a certificate using certbot? Could you please verify that everything was installed correctly by running sudo certbot certificates?

After copying privkey.pem to /etc/rasa/certs, instruct user to grant read privileges to group, i.e. sudo chmod 640 certs/privkey.pem. This is discussed on the forum.

this was missing. something which should be put in the documentation instead of being buried deep down github.