Condition in stories.yml not work

I made it

  • I have created a variable in the status_end_exam file domain.yml to assign the value true or false (true will end the test and vice versa)
  • In the stories.yml file, I have created a dialogue that, if I execute the action_speak_question_answer function and return status_end_exam = false, then render each question in the exam and if status_end_exam = false then execute uter_announce_EndExam.
  • In the file, I wrote the action_speak_question_answer function that renders a question and the answers of that question (for example, there are 10 questions, each time will return to render 1 question based on utter_speak_QuestionAnswer) However, current_question did not increase to render the next question but only stopped at sentence 1 nlu.yml (2.3 KB) domain.yml (3.4 KB) stories.yml (4.6 KB) (5.8 KB)