Condition in Story is not working

Hi Community,

When a user gives an input “yes” or “no” at the beginning of the conversation then rasa starts firing random stories, and it happens when lots of stories are there. So, to handle such a problem I am trying to use a story for the dependent intents such as “affirm”, “deny”. Hence, I have written this story:

- story: dependent intents
  - or:
    - intent: deny
    - intent: affirm
    - intent: inform
  - slot_was_set:
    - Incomplete_Story: False
  - action: utter_default

However, when I use “affirm” or “deny” in the middle of another story, it does not care and shoot the utter_default action.

[Please note that the slot Incomplete_Story set True when a story is running, and we are using this slot to handle interruption in the middle of a task. This slot type is bool, and the initial value is False].

Please tell me a way to make this story run based on the condition.

Because stories are less flexible than rules :slight_smile:

Try to use rules, or add more stories like the one described in that snippet.

is there any solution available?

Yes, the one I described above