Setting conditions in stories

Hi team,

I’m new to rasa and I’ on the way of writting stories and actions server.

Actually my app is in node js.

So I have planned to write my action server in nodejs. Then I got confused regarding the link between stories and action server.

Will the dialog flow in story be considered after it returns from action server? The action server in python have a ‘name’ function. Do we need that in the action server in nodejs.

What I do is that, in the call back function I 'm setting the slots for handing the dialogflow in stories. But it is not working always. So i’m getting confused if I need to set the slot before the action server.

Also is there any way we can check the condition in dialog managment with array length.

Please help me urgently, I’ got stuck.

Thanks & Regards,



Hi team,

Please help.

@Rasa please have a look