Cobus Greyling joins the Rasa Hero group!

Hey there Rasa @community

Today, we are delighted to welcome Cobus Greyling into the Rasa Hero group! :rocket:

Cobus has written several outstanding articles and tutorials on Rasa, some of which were even featured on Medium under the Machine Learning section! Such as:

He has also gone a step further for our Spanish-speaking community by collaborating with Planeta Chatbot to localize his articles into Spanish. :star_struck: Check out his posts below:



We are very grateful to Cobus for the time and effort he’s taken to put together all of these top quality resources on Rasa Open Source, Rasa X, CDD and other topics such as NLU and migrating your assistant from other software. We are always super excited to see what he publishes next and shares on his social channels! :rasahero:

Join us in following Cobus on:

Medium β”‚Twitter β”‚ LinkedIn β”‚ Website


Nice work, Cobus.

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