Sending Proactive notifications to user, getting user input and updating backend database on the fly

Dear Community members, I am working on a RASA chatbot prototype as a part of my Master Thesis. I am new to this technology. Here is the scenario - we have applications inventory. In which each application has different fields like the person responsible, application lifecycle, description, OS, etc. Now I need to implement a chatbot that accesses the data from this inventory and asks the responsible person to complete the missing fields via Microsoft Teams chat. I can get application data and quality gaps using REST API.

Could you please guide me through this use case. I am thinking to send missing fields as push notifications when the responsible person is online, get the user input, and update the backend on the fly. I have gone through the Rasa documentation, but I am stuck like how should I start the implementation. Does anyone have experience with a similar kind of use case or project. It would be a great help. Thank you in advance!!

Hi @kishor09, assuming you have set up getting the data from Microsoft teams, and finding out if a person is online, you can use external events to send notifications to the person when they’re online, and you could use forms to prompt for the missing information. You could fill the slots in the form using the data you already have so that it only prompts for missing info.

You could take a look at the reminderbot example.

Hello Melinda, @mloubser Thank you for your response. Unfortunately as of now, I do not have set up to get the data from Microsoft teams as I am really in the initial phase of the Thesis. Regarding MS Teams, could you please answer my query that - Can we integrate Teams as a communication channel with the Rasa chatbot. I read a lot of responses here but I did not get any clear idea. I got that we can integrate it using Microsoft-bot-framework. However, do we need Azure Bot Service to do that which is not free service. Sorry if I am going off the topic after your response. Thank you for your time!!


Yes, you can use the bot framework connector to connect to Microsoft Teams, and the last time I tried this I did not need a paid service to do that. No worries and you’re welcome =)

Hello Melinda, @mloubser Thank you for your reply. I will try your inputs. just another question - could you please able to provide me any end-to-end chatbot example project in which you have used MS teams as a communication channel. It would be a great help. Thank you so much:)


We don’t have an example for bot-framework specifically, partially because channel-specific demos that require authentication can’t be used out of the box - you always have to configure credentials yourself.

Yes, that’s true. Thank you for your help in other steps :slight_smile:

Hi Mlouber, I have integrated my rasa chatbot with Microsoft teams .However when implementing the external event push notification functionality .I haven’t received any message in teams . I have mentioned conversation id of the team user and output_channel as botframework

Can you please guide me through this

Can you open a new post for this please, and add some details about what you’ve tried? Maybe someone else has used teams and can help you if they can see what you did.