Cannot run Online Training

Hi, I am a newbie to Rasa. I can not run the ‘train’ code. This is my error:-


Welcome to the Rasa community!

If you look closely into the error, it is saying No module named 'rasa_core'. You are missing the required module to run

If you are trying to get started with Rasa, I would suggest using Tutorial: Rasa Basics. The tutorial is based on the latest version of the Rasa framework and explains the structure of the Rasa project as well.

For current progress, I’m running the code for Interactive Learning. What should I do if I’m missing the required module. I’m already succeed training the chatbot agent model. Here is my code for ‘’.

pip3 install rasa_core

Here’s the part I’ve confused, since I’ve already installed rasa core using the command ‘pip3 install rasa_core’. Then, I’ve using command ‘pip3 show rasa_core’ to confirm if already installed. However, when I want to train a dialog model, the “No Module Named Rasa core” error pops up again. Pls help me. I really appreciate it if you can explain it a lot further. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@akelad I believe you can help me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @aimanazman98 rasa_core is an outdated library, please install rasa instead. Interactive learning (aka online training) can be run with rasa interactive

Thank you, yaa! Before this, I refer to a book containing the old version of rasa. Then, I am following to Rasa masterclass on Youtube, and everything is working for my project.